Recovering From Back Injury

I injured my back while Mountain Biking in 1989.  I went for several years without doctor's being able to diagnose just what my injury was.  It turned out to be a ruptured disc.  Until the diagnosis and subsequent operation I developed a series of exercises that involved stretching, podiatry, acupressure, yoga and reflexology to help me control the pain.  After my operation I found this same routine, augmented by some suggestions from physical therapists, worked just as well to allow me to not only run, but frequently compete successfully in road races ranging from two miles to 12K (7.45 miles).  I do triathlons, biathlons and duathons.   I competed in a Masters Pentathlon.  My stretching program, which I do in twenty minutes each morning, can be done virtually anywhere with just a chair, a towel, a stool and an exercise mat.  My book diagrams and illustrates these exercises and is augmented by my advise in the following areas:

1) What to eat, and essentials for life

2) Weight Training,

3) A New Way to Move,

4) When to Stretch &

5) Staying active.

E-Book Price - $9.50, Hard Copy Price - $18 Color Photos, $12 Black & White Photos

How to Find Your Soulmate in a Soulless World

This is a Self-Help book on how you can go about finding a spouse today.  After nearly 25 years my first wife decided we weren't in love anymore and left for California with my best friend.  After a grief recovery class and about 4 years of waiting for her to wake up and come back to me, I finally decided  to move on and find another wife. This is the story of the system I developed that helped me find my soulmate.  It might help you as well if you find yourself  in a similar circumstance.  


My system consists of:


     1)  Developing a Resume

     2)  Researching a mailing list of prospective mates

     3)  Making first contact

     4)  Screening the responders

     5)  Following up with likely candidates

     6)  Making a final comitment

if you want to read some of the poetry I used to woo my soulmate, order my book - A Short Guide to a Long Marriage. in the Poetry section.

My price for E-Book - $4.50, for a Hard Copy - $8.50