Preview of The Mystery of

Nico's Missing Tail

Spirit Bathing - Inspirational Poems & Photos (Four Volumes)

Contents of

Spiritual Bathing from Heaven,

Volume I:

Barns of Highway 49

West Coast Lighthouses

Fruits of the Spirit

Sailing Ships

Covered Bridges of Calif & Oregon

The Cross

Churches of Auburn

Old Spanish Missions of Calif

Churches of Anderson

Contents of Spiritual Bathing from Nature,

Volume I: (Coming Soon)

Rivers & Streams




Where the Sea Meets the Shore



Leoni Meadows

Biblical Gardens



All the Treasures my Barn will Hold

Long ago on this very road, in days of old,

pilgrims mined Forty-Nine looking for gold.

But for most of them, the treasure they sought,

Were only dreams into which they had bought.


They had to learn their lessons the hard way,

that all that glitters does not always pay,

that hard work does not always guarantee,

that they will have peace for eternity.


I’d prefer Jesus to silver or gold,

than all the treasures my old barn will hold,

because with Jesus there’s waiting for me

a heavenly home for eternity.


© 12/20/08 by D. Michael O’Haver

2017 Nevada Co. Fair

One fine day Nico the gecko slithered up to see Gwen the hen.

”Errp, Errp, How have you been, Gwen?” he asked her.

Gwen clucked, “Baak, Baak, I have been great!”

Brewster the rooster laughed and scoffed,”What happened to your tail, Nico?”

Nico the gecko tried to turn,

but his neck would not turn enough for him to look back at his tail.

Brewster the rooster crowed and said, “Cock-a-Doodle-Do, your tail’s gone. Wouldn’t you like a pretty tail like mine?”


“Now be nice to Nico,” said Gwen.

“Is it true that my tail is gone?”

Gwen the hen said, “I’m afraid so.”

“Errp, I must find my tail,” Nico the gecko said.

“Who could I ask to help me out?”

“You need a sleuth extraordinaire.

“I suggest Sherlock the peacock,”

Gwen the hen replied. 

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Preview for A Short Guide

to a Long Marriage

An Unbreakable Heart (One of 50 original poems in this collection)


I've been wondering,

Is there any such thing,

As an unbreakable heart?

Can one give their heart,

Without taking chances,

It will end up in pieces?


Any lover that's rejected,

Has been thusly effected.

It's just a calculated risk,

One of life's funny twists,

That any lover must take,

For true happiness' sake.


All you can do for caution,

Is to have plenty of lotion,

To soften your heart up,

To love's downs and ups,

And don't jump in so fast,

If you want the love to last.


Check out compatibility,

Before you go and agree,

To another relationship,

Because there's many a slip,

Between the cup and the lip.

On your emotions keep a grip.


©7/02 by D. Michael O’Haver

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Preview of Dragonfly Quest


I was given the caution as I headed west,

“Kaiwan May we pray that you will do your best,

And you must remain true to your kind’s creed,

There can be no killing for your soul to be freed.



     The evil owl chose you because you’re a girl,

     But he doesn’t know you’re no ordinary girl.

     You have your Lord Jesus to guide you,

     He will keep you safe and bring you through.



There will be three challenges to your quest,

First the flying Armadillo Dragon to best,

Then the wild horses of Horse Haven Hills







Preview of Mickenzie's Menagerie


I was going out to feed the animals.  The cold north wind rustled the leaves of the old Oak tree as I passed by and I shivered.  Overhead I could hear the squirrels going chuk, chuk, chuk, as they gathered acorns for their winter food.  Suddenly I heard a frightened horse whinny.  “That sounds like Jasper, and it sounds like he’s in trouble,” I muttered out loud to myself.  Jasper was a sorrel Quarter Horse we were boarding at a discount rate because I used him to train on.  I ran to the corral.  Jasper was laying flat on his back with his legs kicking frantically in the air.  Another frightened whinny pierced the growing dusk.  I noticed he was stuck in a shallow irrigation ditch.  I tried to approach the frantic horse but his kicking legs were much too dangerous.  So, instead of trying any more to reach him, I turned and ran back to the house.

As I ran I prayed, “Dear God, please save Jasper, let him be all right.”

“Dad, Dad!  Come quick, Jasper’s in trouble and needs our help,” I yelled frantically as I burst into the house.  I interrupted my dad.  He was talking to Stewart Whitman, the local Veterinarian. .

“What are you so excited about Mick, what’s wrong with Jasper?”

“He’s on his back in the irrigation ditch, and he can’t get up.  Let’s go!”

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