God’s Scribe


I have a mission that is mine to own,

but it is not just my mission alone,

with my mission I am obliged to share,

we must glorify God everywhere.


Because I am sore tired of this old Earth,

and tired of cultivating my net worth.

All the material things of this place,

will go to the winner of the rat race.


A desire to meet Jesus is burning,

deep down in my soul I have a yearning,

for the golden streets of Heaven to roam,

I am more than ready to travel home.


But I can not even begin to plan,

my journey home to Heaven thusly grand,

until we have finished our work down here,

and we've taken the word to every ear.


My part in this marvelous endeavor,

is to try writing poems so clever,

to spread God’s holy message far and wide, to duly fulfill my role as God’s Scribe.


© 6-29-04 by  D. Michael O’Haver

A Short Guide to a Long Marriage

This is a collection of 50 original poems offering advice on improving and lengthening your relationships.  The poems are in the categories of:  Starting over, In the long run, Being there for each other, The definition of love, Where do we look, Communication, and Only God knows.  They were written mainly to Janice, my wife during and after our courtship. I believe in the principal of a home where each partner lives for the other and both live for God.  These poems will hopefully help you and your spouse live a long and fruitful marriage with the help of the Lord.
For a preview of this book go to the PREVIEWS PAGE.

Spirit Bathing From Nature

My Inspirational Poetry & Photo books are divided into two categories:  1) Spirit Bathing From Nature
and 2) Spirit Bathing From Heaven. 
Each category has several volumes.  The first  volume (Heaven) has over 50 original poems and 50 original photos, of things around us.  Look for additional volumes in the near future.
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Spirit Bathing From Heaven