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I am an avid runner and multi-event enthusiast.  I have kept meticulous records of my and my fellow club & school member’s accomplishments.  i attended Upland High, Chaffey Jr. College & Cal Poly at SLO, all in California.  I've  been a member of the Bakersfield Track Club, the Kern Co. Triathlon Club, the Kern Co. Triathlon Association, the Sierra Trailblazer and most recently Sierra Gold in Grass Valley.  I have utilized my records from the newsletters I have edited for the athletic clubs to write my memoirs.  The events I have competed in, span virtually all the track and field events including Pentathlons and Decathlons.  I have run road and cross country races from 2 miles to Marathons.  My multi-event competitions have included Biathlons, Triathlons and Duathons.  I have done the Sierra Mountain Race consisting of Cross Country Skiing, Biking & Running.  I have done many conventional Triathlons consisting of Swim, Bike & Run.  I have also done Eppie's Great Race, the original Triathlon, consisting of Run, Bike & Kayak.  I have done Mountain Bike races and several Mountain Bike Biathlons.  I've completed Metric Century Bike rides. I am a 6-Time All American, meeting the United States Track & Field Masters Standards for All American status in: 10K (6.2 miles) running 41:59 at age 40; and 5 times in the 5K (3.1 Miles), the best being 19:50 at age 41.  You’ll enjoy many of the accounts of my adventures in such events as the Animal Classic Bike Race, the Rio Bravo 10-Mile Cross Country Run and my experience running the Boston Marathon.  Many are humorous, all are authentic.  See a video of my athletic career on the Previews Page.

How to Find Your Soulmate in a Soulless World

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This is a Memoir on how I found my second wife.  After nearly 25 years my first wife decided we weren't in love anymore and left for California with my best friend.  After a grief recovery class and about 4 years of waiting for her to wake up and come back to me, I finally decided  to move on and find another wife. This is the story of the system I developed that helped me find my soulmate.  It might help you as well if you find yourself  in a similar circumstance.  


My system consists of:


     1)  Developing a Resume

     2)  Researching a mailing list of prospective mates

     3)  Making first contact

     4)  Screening the responders

     5)  Following up with likely candidates

     6)  Making a final comitment

if you want to read some of the poetry I used to woo my soulmate, order my book - A Short Guide to a Long Marriage. in the Poetry section.