The Mystery of Nico's Missing Tail

This Picture Book won a blue ribbon at the 2017 Nevada County Fair for Best Children's Story.  A Quote form the Judge:  "I think my kids would love this.  Made me smile and chuckle,  Good work!" 

Nico has lost his tail and it takes the sleuth extraordinaire, Sherlock the Peacock to help him solve the mystery.

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Dragonfly Quest


Dragonfly Quest was inspired by a trip I took from my home in Grass Valley, California to relatives in Othello, Washington.  I was sitting at a rest stop at Biggs Junction on Highways 97 and 84 on the Oregon side of the Columbia River.  The car window was down on a sunny day and a dragonfly came along and lit on the car's rear view side mirror.  If you have ever made this trip from there, east on Highway 84 to Highway 395, through Umatilla, then north over Horse Haven Hills to the Tri Cities, and over one of the two bridges, you will recognize many of the geographical features in this story.   While the places are real, the characters are fictional and any resemblance to humans or insects, living or deceased, is purely coincidental.  I hope you enjoy this tale of persistence and perseverance by an unlikely heroin in the face of adversaries set to prevent her from completing her quest.


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The Magic Crooked Canes

There once was crooked man who walked a crooked mile across a crooked bridge across a crooked river with a crooked cane.  There were people who mocked the crooked man and his crooked cat.  It takes the magic of the crooked canes, the crooked man makes, to set them straight. They learn the lesson that it takes all kinds of people to straighten out the world around us.

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The Tails of Two Kitties

There once were two kittens.  Zaccheus is long and lean with a straight black tail. Clyde is an orange kitten with a stub of a tail.  They have different ideas about making friends and getting along with their neighbors.  Their story teaches the lesson, you can't judge a kitten by it's tail.

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The Adventures of Joe the Wave that Grew

Joe was a wave born high in the mountains.  He had two driving ambitions in life - to grow big and see the world.  He got his wishes but something was still missing.  Joe found satisfaction in the end but it wasn't by growing and seeing the world.  Find out what Joe found, buy the book.

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The Perfect Christmas Tree

Mick is visiting her Grandpa "Papa Michael" on his Colorado ranch for Christmas.  They are on a quest to find the perfect Christmas tree. Mick's idea of the perfect tree is different from her grandpa's.  It takes a story from grandpa about Edgar the Christmas tree with a handicap to set Mick straight.  In the process Mick learns a valuable lesson about how sometimes a handicap can be an advantage.

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The Paperboy

There once was a paperboy with a paper route.  Everything was going great until he encountered two mean dogs on his route.  It takes the help of another dog to solve his problems.  Learn how an enterprising effort can bring unexpected results. 

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The Mysteries of Meadowlark lane

Strange things are happening on Meadowlark Lane.  Robby has lost his skateboard.  Heathrow has lost his cane.  Mary has lost her singing voice.  Melody the Meadowlark decides to hire Sherlock the Peacock to solve the mysteries.  Will Sherlock be up to the task?  Will the mysteries ever be solved?  Order the book and find out.

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Mickenzie's Menagerie

This is the first children's book I wrote.  It all started when my granddaughter Mickenzie's parents were going through a divorce and her mother wanted Mickenzie to keep busy and not worry.  So, she had me e-mail her.  We started writing stories together by e-mail.  I would start and write a little and send it to her.  She would add a little and send it back to me.  Eventually we had Midnight Runs Free, and several more chapters.


These are fictional stories using real and imaginary characters about Mickenzie and her pets.  It is in the format of a Chapter Book for ages 10-14.


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The Little Dog With a Big Bark

Tippy is a Silky Terrier and she loves to take walks with me around our neighborhood. On these walks we encounter many adventures. Tippy shows her excitement by how loud she barks.  Take a journey with us and learn why Tippy is the little dog with a big bark.

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Educational Children's Books

The Wildlife Alphabet Book


This is a workbook for children learning their alphabet and their wild animals. It features an animal, bird, fish or a reptile for each letter of the alphabet. There are interesting little known facts about each.  There are also exercises and games to assist in the learning process.  Teachers and Home Schoolers can benefit from this book.

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The Greening of Naveen

Naveen Green is half white and half Indian from India.  He is being bullied at school about not being green.  So, Naveen, with help of his dog decide to go green.  It starts with the addition of solar electric to his home.  But, it doesn't stop there.  Before he is through Naveen guides his family through retrofitting, composting, recycling, reducing their global footprint and buying an energy efficient car.  He learns how to deal with bullies and makes new friends in the process. Teachers and Home Schoolers can benefit from this book.

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The Last Royal Monarch

Delmark is the last Royal Monarch.  He is king of the monarch butterflies but he is a fourth generation monarch.  This means he must take part in the annual monarch migration.  His tasks are to complete the over 1,000 mile trip, rest through the winter's hibernation, start his return trip home, and survive to reproduce in the spring to insure his offspring will rule the next generation of monarchs.


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