What I value most are basic Christian morals - honesty, integrity and loyalty to friends and family.  You will find these traits in my leading characters in my books.

Local Charity

This website is the fulfillment of a mission that was impressed upon my heart a number of years ago.  Life in this new millennium has gotten crazier and crazier, more so in America than in the rest of the world.  Sometimes I just feel tired of it all, and the rat race necessary to cope with everything the devil throws at us.  I just want it to end.  I want Jesus to come back and take us home.


But before or Lord can come back in all His glory, the word must be spread to the entire world.  In order for this to happen, it would help if each person contributes, according to their own unique talents and spiritual gifts.  One of my gifts that I discovered, rather late in life, is the gift of writing poetry and prose.


I started writing poetry on subject dealing with relationships.  It is not coincidental that seven of the Ten Commandments deal with human relationships.


So this website is dedicated to spiritual and relationship insightful poems and stories, that God has inspired me to write.  They were good for my soul and the few friends and relatives around me.  Now my prayer is that somewhere, one of these poems or stories will inspire one of you and bring you closer to committing your life to God.   If you enjoy any of my writings, please e-mail me; I would love to hear about it.  My email address is



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I have pledged a portion of any proceeds from this website to a local charity.  See sub folder entitled Local Charity for details.

ARC ~ Auburn Renewal Center

My Books
for Children
  • Uncle Michael's Parables - A collection of character building, modern stories for children, in picture book format

  • Dragonfly Quest - A picture book aimed at 8-12 year old children (particularly girls)

  • Mickenzie's Menagerie - A chapter book for 10-14 year old children, (particularly girls)

  • The Little Dog With the Big Bark A picture book for 3-6 year old children

  • The Last Royal Monarch - A fictional account with a picture book format for 12-16 year old children who want to learn neat facts about butterflies


  • The Mysteries of Meadowlark Lane

  • The Mystery of Nico's Missing Tail (This picture book won 1st  place at the 2017 Nevada County Fair)

  • The Mystery of Earl the Flying Squirrel 

  • The Ladybug Caper

  • The Mystery Why Rusty Crows at Dawn

  • The Mystery of Paulo the Lost Swallow

  • The Mystery of Dearborn the Magical Unicorn

  • The Pig Who Flew

  • The Mystery of the Pink Dolphin

  • The Brave Hot Air Balloon

  • The Mystery of the Black Swan

  • The Mystery of the Vanishing Leprechaun


  • Adventures in Lomutland (This book took 3rd place in the 2018 Nevada County Fair)

  • The Paperboy  (This book took 1st place in the 2018 Nevada County Fair)


  • Naveen Goes GreenA chapter book for 12-14 year old children (particularly boys) A fictional story telling how one small boy inspired an entire family to "Go Green."


  • The Alphabet Animal Book A work book for children learning their alphabet and their wild animals

  • A Short Guide to a Long Marriage - 50 original poems offering relationship advice to save your marriage

  • Recovering from Back Injuries - A self-help book diagramming 24 simple stretching and core strengthening exercises anyone can do in their own home, that aid back injury recovery. 


  • Memoirs of a Track Nut - My personal exploits as a track and multi event star

  • How to find Your Solemate in a Solless World - The personal story of how I found my wife


 My Non Fiction Books 

Fiction Books

2100 ~ A Space Trilogy

Dan Nazareth wakes up after 83 years in cryosleep to find the world in a crisis.  Over population has forced a mission to ship 1,000 colonists to Larkley, a habitable moon of Jupiter.  Together with Dan's Cryogenic Readjustment Facilitator, Lateresa Morehead, they must battle corrupt government officials to ensure the mission's success.

-        My Calendars

Leoni Meadows 2020 Calendar

This is a monthly calendar featuring original photos and original Christian poetry.


 My Poetry

A Short Guide to a Long Marriage A collection of 50 original poems offering relationship advise for a long-lasting marriage.


Spiritual Bathing - These books come in two categories:  1) Spiritual Nature Bathing, and 2) Spiritual Heaven Bathing.   Each category has several volumes.  The first volume, "Nature Bathing" contains over 50 original poems concerning Spiritual lessons to be seen in things around us.  The poems were inspired, I feel, by God. There are also over 50 original photos, one for each poem.