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Some things are often neglected and/or abandoned in the editorial process.  

Three things that were in the original draft of Sierra Gold Fever, but not the final version were:  

    <> Bios on Interesting Historical Characters - Mark              Twain, Joseph Walker, Joaquin Murrieta, &                      Struwwelpeter - See Historical Figures section of            this website.

     <> What to take on a California wagon train trip -                 See back cover of Recipe book below                         <> Recipes used in the gold field and on wagon                   train trips west - Buy the extra book

Sierra Gold Fever is a gold rush story set in 1853. Jason is a miner in Grass Valley, California trying to make a strike so he can marry his fiancée wating for him back in Iowa. But a mining accident derails his plans and creates a two-fold crisis - physically and spiritually. Meanwhile, Elizabeth, his fiancée, tires of waiting, and along with her younger brother Bill they decide to join a wagon train heading for California. Jason's struggle with his crses in the gold field and Elizabeth and Bill's adventures and trials on their journey west make for an exciting saga of personal growth and western expansion.

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Janet Ann Collins

Michael, I absolutely LOVED your gold rush book!


It could be accepted by a big publisher and, perhaps, used as school curriculum.  The storyline is entrancing, the characters endearing, the historical figures seem to fit right into the plot.  I can see readers of all ages so captivated by the story that they cannot put the book down.


Janet Ann Collins,

Author and invitee to speak at the 2020 Mount Herman Christian Writer’s Conference

Betsy Schwarzentraub


Rev. Dr. Betsy Schwarzentraub

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